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    There used to be something we called "Public Trust" and it was important to both the banking system and the corporate system and the government system. It's been eroded to such a point that nobody of my children's age understands the term anymore.

    And the REAL problem with that is that when our government, our companies, our banks are considered corrupt and untrustworthy then people themselves become selfish and corrupt. They see no problem with letting poor people die outside ERs or taking food or books away from school children so that they can have lower taxes. If they can't trust the engines that run our society then they have to look out for themselves first and foremost.

    When you are brought up in a system where Big Banks and Big Corporation are People, Too that can get away with anything, even when caught, your values and your outlook will be much different than if you were brought up in a world where Public Trust existed.

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