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    but what good does it do? Instead of real regulation, trust busting or prosecuting these criminals who 'rule the world', people are told that this is 'inevitable' and 'the world as we find it'.

    Our government refuses to do anything instead they run/own our treasury, they anti up the criminals for another round at the casino, they impose austerity to pay their gambling debt. JP Mogan's CEO was the WH chief of staff, Geithner is treasury, GE is our jobs czar. This administration is chock full of Rubanites and free market ideologues.  

    Savvy businessmen doing God's work? Fraud, bribery, theft, extortion? These are not mistakes or even just unethical, they're crimes, a global crime syndicate that's TBTF.  Rigged market capitalism indeed. More to come indeed. Where's Glass-Steagal' or the Sherman Act. Where are the pitchforks and torches?

    All the kings men cannot put the confidence fairy together again. How can anyone believe in a free market that is rigged and whose sole purpose is to rule the world for the theory and implementation of oligarchical collectivism. They are too big and too top heavy not to fail. Trouble is their going to make a real mess when they fall on all of us. Cat food for the people while they make a killing by betting on our demise. Disaster capitalism and the shock doctrine in action.    

    Tucker in this version of events was acting as a middleman for the British government, telling Diamond to fake his borrowing rates in order to preserve the appearance of financial stability, for the good of Queen and country as it were.

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