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View Diary: Gates's Cannibalistic Culture: Coming to a School Near You! (25 comments)

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  •  Another way (9+ / 0-)

    to look at it:

    Say you are ill with a mysterious condition and it seems to be life threatening.  Which set of doctors do you want:  

    (1) the team where each individual member's main interest is ego-driven winning and eliminating the sharing of information which might give the other doctors a better chance of winning and/or keeping a job


    (2) the team where doctors collaborate and each share experience and knowledge where the pieces can fit together and result in an answer that no one person alone would have come up with?  

    Bill Gates needs to go into a room of at-risk students and see what works.  They would eat him alive--figuratively of course.  Recently he was wanting to develop bracelets that were similar to mood rings and would show the level of "engagement" of students while being taught.  Of course, the hormonal teenager sitting next to the hot girl would probably have a flaming bracelet but would not be engaged in the lesson.  

    Bill Gates dropped out of college, so it seems that he was less than engaged himself.  Easier to steal ideas from others.

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