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View Diary: Penn State Alumnus on Paterno "I love the man...No Matter What" (146 comments)

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  •  SI article is worth reading; snip below: (10+ / 0-)
    Paterno kept Sandusky eligible

    It is not facetious to say that dying may not have been the worst thing to have happened to Joe Paterno this past year.

    Has ever anyone in sport suffered such a tarnishing of his or her character in such a short period of time? Especially now as new allegations -- exposed in leaked e-mails from other Penn State officials -- suggest that the sainted JoPa was not merely passive when confronted with eye-witness evidence of John Sandusky's pedophilia, but was, in fact, the influential voice in deciding that Sandusky should not be reported to law enforcement....

    ... Everyone knows that the key to winning as a big-time coach is keeping your players eligible. Some of that effort is legal, some not. Give the players tutors and gut courses. Or even have someone write term papers for them. Get the campus police and the local cops to cooperate. Hey, boys will be boys. Overlook. Blind eye. Forgive them their trespasses as game day approaches. Keep them eligible. Joe Paterno was a football coach all his long adult life. Like all coaches, after awhile keeping your players eligible is second nature.

    When his old assistant was in trouble, that must've kicked in. Joe Paterno kept Jerry Sandusky eligible. If he has a legacy, that's it.

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