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View Diary: UPDATED: A Conversation With My Conservative Father: What We Can Learn (185 comments)

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    I miss having a Conservative, intelligent, passionately Catholic Dad. My family was all about discussing history and, with care, politics. I think I raised my voice at him twice, once over why I was not afeared of Soviet troops in Nicaragua and I do not remember the other. My Dad was a William F Buckley admirer and Thomist who was a different species than  the present Rightists. The believed the Church did all right without the US government's help.  My parent's were of a different breed than the Evangelicals Fundamentalists who are so important in the conservative movement, urban intelligent, Irish Catholics who walked it like they talked it on the importance of good works. I know many political Liberals who do not come close to the work for his community my Dad did. Stayed on two extra years cause  he didn't feel ok risking the jobs of the line workers ( who he always knew) leaving things in the hands of an idiot owner. Worked 10+ years of retirement  doing Casa advocacy and work through his Church.  I also remember a debate he had with my wife. He began by positing a number of assumption we could all agree on as a starting point. My Wife rejected every one from a deep ecology stance. WEe all realized why communication can be tricky...   Thanks for the memory.

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      Stop the party of Gut & Spend policies that gut our Earned Benefits programs like Social Security and Medicare and spends on tax breaks for the wealthy elite.

      by jillwklausen on Fri Jul 06, 2012 at 03:01:16 PM PDT

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