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  •  Whew! First I thought I was an Aspy… (7+ / 0-)

    …which I figured out I'm really not. Now I find out I'm an autodidact. Sounds a hell of a lot cooler. Although I had been unaware of some of my gifts most of my life, and confused about my social shortfalls, I discovered early on that I had the ability to teach myself, although I never knew there was a name for that.

    I've frequently rationalized that the reason I wasn't a Top Ten Percenter in high school (despite old classmates frequently describing me as "the smartest person they ever knew") was because of the repetitive homework in math and some other subjects that drove me to distraction. College wasn't a lot better.

    I know now that almost regardless of the activity, I'll attack it, study it, and practice it until I master it to the level that's important to me, which may only be to satisfy my curiosity. There's your recipe for never attaining a college degree, which I haven't.

    I applaud all involved for the path taken and the lessons learned—Eric especially. I wish I'd understood more of it when I was 14…or 60.

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