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View Diary: The real June jobs number: 815,000 private-sector jobs created (25 comments)

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  •  This is nonsense (1+ / 0-)
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    This dog is dead and has no chance of hunting.

    I cant believe you even have the gall to try it.

    •  actually, the big part to take away (5+ / 0-)
      Also of note is that private sector NSA job creation for June was 815,000, while NSA government jobs posted a loss of 424,000 jobs for the month.
      what kind of government response to a recession is this?  I know, a republician response...
      •  teachers (2+ / 0-)
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        Deep Texan, rukidingme

        I suspect that a lot of those government job losses are month-to-month school staffs, substitutes and admin types let go for the summer.  I know most school systems pay year-round at this point, but not all do and that's reflected in the job losses and gains.

        •  Teachers and support staff are considered (0+ / 0-)

          employed even during the summer. Even admin and support staff are aware by May if they are coming back in the fall. Their pay does not  stop and their insurance and/or benefits does not lapse.   All staff in most districts get reasonable assurance papers at the end of the year.  Even those districts that pay on a 9, 10 or 12 month schedule, those employed are still year round employed and under contract people and thus would not be counted as "unemployed" for these numbers.  The amount of months a district pays just means those on a 9 month schedule get more per check than a 12 month school employee.

          There is however a ton of teachers being let go in the traditional way just like everyone else right now...and thus the high government job loss.  These teachers are desperately looking for a contract and are unemployed in the traditional sense and so would be considered “unemployed”. However, those who have signed reasonable assurance papers and those who know they have a class in August or who are still being paid as support staff would not be counted as they are not without a job.  

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