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    Frank Knarf, weck

    Kossacks -- There is a VAST difference between "weather" and "climate"

    Can we at least agree the Kansas hitting 120* next Thursday  (no matter how much they deserve it) is not the same thing as two-mile-high glaciers slamming into Manhattan tomorrow night?

    Or to put it more accurately ... I live 1/4 mile away from Puget Sound, and I live 300' above sea level (ABL) ... My restaurant is only 40' ABL ... and yet I have to drive both UP and DOWN in order to get to work every day.  How is it that I can drive both Up and Down and yet change my elevation?

    Washington DC hitting Eleventy Billion Jillion degrees one day is NOT the same thing as Teh Global Worming.  It ain't.  Please please oh please, stop trying to make it so.

    The Earth IS warming, and Anthropogenic activity is causing it ... hyperbole only makes our warnings worse, not better.

    We haven't met but you're a great fan of mine

    by Great Cthulhu on Fri Jul 06, 2012 at 10:52:00 PM PDT

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