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  •  The biggest problem in AGW is to pin down (7+ / 0-)

    exactly what is going to happen and when.  The humans are programed to fight the closest adversary and climate change just takes too damn long in the human way of seeing things.  Therefore we think there is always going to be time to correct our course on CO2 or there is always going to be some technological marvel that will save us.  There is just enough uncertainty as to how awful this is going to be to keep the humans from acting in any meaningful way.  So, whether this upcoming horror story will mean an incredible die off of the earth's biology or the end of life as we know it (total extinction of humans and most flora and fauna), or even worse, creation of a completely dead planet, no one can predict.  I'm sorry to sound so pessimistic but I just don't see humans acting in a rational manner;  I hope I'm wrong.

    •  Humans aren't going to become extinct. (3+ / 0-)
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      While it is indeed possible Earth could lose much of it's life.....I don't see a dead planet in our future. What I do see though, is a terrible dystopia for billions; fresh water becoming scarcer and scarcer in some areas, many small-scale wars over other resources, and many wealthier nations forced to cut back on vital programs, etc.

      •  I don't know about that (0+ / 0-)

        I think nuclear devastation is a distinct possibility at some point. If water gets scarce enough and we have mass deaths from starvation and disease... I can see our planet's huge stock of nuclear weapons actually being used. Even if no one pulls the trigger, we still have all these nuclear reactors to maintain. If the pop decreases enough, who's going to do it and with what water? I'm starting to believe that not only will we humans go extinct, we will take most of the life on the planet with us.

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