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View Diary: Shhhhh! US leads the world in cutting C02 emissions (120 comments)

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  •  I think the effect of oil speculation making (3+ / 0-)
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    the cost of energy so erratic has caused people to take measures to protect themselves by finding ways to reduce their dependency.  I think there has not been a return to a sense of safety about the costs of driving, delivery, home heating, etc.  The most recent GOP induced spike in speculative cost increases only reinforced this in people's minds.

    One side is trying to tell people that the answer to their rational sense of insecurity is that we need to find every possible scrap of energy on our own soil (drill baby drill mentality).  The other side is saying that we need to find alternative sources of energy now while we still have time to transition.  I am grateful to the current administration for putting space race urgency toward developing those alternatives.  If we change parties in the fall we will not continue that pursuit because those that are trying to buy the elections want to keep their monopolies going no matter what that means to the country or the planet.

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