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View Diary: Former Barclays exec: top execs knew about rate-fixing (14 comments)

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    When Bob Diamond wrote the 2008 note to his files, that the Bank of England guy told him that Barclay's had Whitehall approval to fix the rates, it was all just coincidence that Barclays then started fixing the rates. Or, rather, it was coincidence that the instruction to do it and the doing it happened at the same time. He (Diamond), and the conversation, had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

    And when Diamond's right-hand-man Jerry Del Missier then told staff to start fixing the rates, that was because Del Missier had misunderstood Diamond's instructions to start fixing the rates, as being instructions to start fixing the rates, instead.

    That we've now got anonymous fingerings of Diamond's role is just more coincidence. Diamond was simply misunderstood, other Barclays people were the guilty ones, and it's not like anyone has occasion to be angry about it, or should feel a need to correct the record.

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