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  •  the NYCong-13 (Rangel) voting irregularities (1+ / 0-)
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    are now "owned" by Gov Cuomo.  If he ever runs for national office, the apparent corruption / shenanigans in the vote counting for the NY Cong District 13 contest will rightly be laid at Cuomo's feet (and around his neck) - unless he does something to formally investigate it. Much of America outside of the NY City area dislikes NYC and considers it corrupt, decadent, crime-ridden, etc.  Recall former Pres Ford's attitude in the 1970s -"Drop Dead NYC".  Recall Goldwater's commercial cutting off the northeast and letting it float out to sea.  Much of America does not need much more reason to dislike and be suspicious of things related to NY City and NY state.  The NY CD-13 vote counting irregularities remind people of the Gore-Bush Florida vote counting smells.  Cuomo needs to show leadership soon on this, launch an impartial formal investigation, or that smell and taint will be associated with Cuomo should he ever run for office outside of NY state.

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