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View Diary: Cheers and Jeers: Awards Edition Plus Placeholder Edition Monday (108 comments)

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  •  Happy Monday from Pgh! (18+ / 0-)

    Howdy, all! After a week or more of highs in the upper 90s or higher, I'm very excited that we'll "only" get up to 85 today!

    Cheers to impromptu weekend trips. On Friday night, McDoc and I realized that our nephew in Ohio was having his 4th birthday this weekend, so we jumped in the car and made the 4.5 hour trip to see him and the fam. It was a wonderful, if too short, visit.

    Cheers to being able to take impromptu weekend trips. That's the upside of leaving a church job, though I'm still sad about leaving one I loved so much!

    Cheers to inflatable water slide thingies! Not being in the business of planning kid birthday parties at all, I didn't know you could rent a water-enhanced bouncy house! It was fun for all ages, and it really helped everyone tolerate the ridiculous heat! (It took a double-dog dare to get McDoc over his distaste at marinating in the dirty kid soup, but he eventually joined in and had a great time!)

    Cheers and Jeers to southern food, which is tasty but makes you feel pretty disgusting after a while. We need to eat lots of veggies this week to balance out...

    Cheers to getting the new pad set up, bit by bit. The mountain of boxes is being moved, teaspoon by teaspoon!

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