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View Diary: Bain Capital-owned Domino's Pizza makes a hah-hah rape joke with new "NO IS THE NEW YES" campaign (290 comments)

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  •  The whole "No Means Yes" motif has been (0+ / 0-)

    around for a very long time. Years ago in pop culture it was often depicted as a boss chasing a secretary around her desk trying to pinch her on the ass.

    No Means No was embraced by groups like Take Back the Night.

    So No is the New Yes--It would be hard to believe that some moron didn't say, "Wait a second boss--I think this might be taken the wrong way."

    But then again it could be a spit in the eye by people who want to take away women's rights.

    I wouldn't put anything past or beneath these assholes.

    I don't really eat there very often anyhow, but definitely not now.

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