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View Diary: Mitt Romney says he knows nothing about his offshore investments (155 comments)

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    Romney's tax returns are likely crazy complex with shell companies, foreign trusts, swiss bank accounts, etc. It's probably all legal, but definitely shady... and will NOT poll well in swing states hit hard by the recession.

    There is a tiny benefit for him to release his returns: to show he's got nothing to hide. But he DOES have something to hide!!! So he won't release them... and just keep taking the fifth amendment when pressed for details.

    And policy details??? Same thing. Any sane policy would drive away his base. So he flaps his hands around and complains about taxes and jobs.

    Given the current insanity of the Republican party, and his tax dodging past, his best strategy is to stand for nothing and hope that "Generic Republican" can beat Obama in the election.

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