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  •  Paying Attention since '69 (4+ / 0-)

    In high school they were talking about overpopulation . Its the last doubling that kills you . I thought it obvious as Earth is a finite system .  Plus scientific animal tests showed crowded conditions caused mental illness and violence ...... Look around....... I remember Jimmy Carter started to address this problem on a National level  and I thought, "Oh good, most people are sane after all . ". Then the Repubs took over and the insanity started.

      I've raised my kids and been gardening and living simply  since the 80's . The Northwest is Paradise  to me and it looks like even it will be disrupted .  I try to appreciate the beauty around me  in the moment to keep the sorrow at bay .
     A year ago I read something about oxygen boiling off into space if it gets too hot . Haven't seen it mentioned since as estimates of the amount and speed of global heating increase .  This would mean the end of (oxygen based) Life on Earth .

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