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View Diary: Military Wives Turn Their Backs To Victims of Sexual Assault (135 comments)

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    because they hate the women who are in the military.   Not all do of course, but quite a few wives view military women as "sluts" who are after their husbands.  Never mind that it's almost always the guys who are the predators.  A lot of times it's outright lies - at one of my first units, I had a "reputation" of having sex with guys I had never even met. That just feeds more harassment.

    I could tell a few horror stories.  You've heard the expression ""What goes TDY, stays TDY"?  Quite a few military men (and a few women) have no qualms about "having some fun" when they're at a school or away from home.  I remember getting stalked by a guy in Germany - who would not take "NO" and "LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE" for an answer.  One day a woman I didn't know came up to me and told me that I'd better leave her husband alone.  I thought she was crazy - then I found out it was his wife.  WTF?  When I complained to a senior NCO, they first thing asked is - "Did you do something to lead him on?"  Fortunately, I soon PCS'd out of there.  

    I think the main reason I never got married was some of the crap I saw in the military.   The few truly happy marriages seemed very rare indeed.

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