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    Larsstephens, Leftcandid

    Scientism is not science.

    Science is neither good nor bad. A naive belief in empiricism as a patch that silences other concerns will leave a person unable to deal with any form of evil, whether Krupps or Tuskeegee Experiment.

    Rather, in the middle of the 20th century there was an effort primarily in the U.S. to speak of science as a triumph over darkness. This is now condemned as "enlightenment narrative" by fundamentalists, but it was no such thing. It was Vannever Bushism. It was General Electricity. It was a Parson Weams for Edison.

    This "Americans are scientists and pragmatists, and science makes all the vague go away" was passe the moment it was proposed, and it was a belief system as opposed to a practice. This I condemn because it blinds people.

    Today, the more advanced sciences are dealing with indeterminacy. The indeterminacy had always been there, of course, as Hume (a scientist, so he's good) had pointed out. The method of induction was a method of taking an unknown and dividing it into increasing slices of likelihood. It could be very useful, but it always rested on hope and licensed premises.

    When we push our sciences very hard and very far, such as competing infinities, we see the limits of the speaker and thinker, and this either dooms or elaborates the endeavor.

    Everyone is innocent of something.

    by The Geogre on Thu Jul 26, 2012 at 01:50:54 PM PDT

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