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    Kant, in Critique of Pure Reason, suggested that the concepts of infinity and zero are illegal, that they're false, because they're not full. They are only descriptions of concepts.

    The other pole of the discussion that no one has brought up, and one I also don't find comforting, is what's called analytical philosophy. Because of the pollution or interference of language, and because language clouds logic, a sort of hyper steroidal logician crew went looking for pure questions. They postulate possible languages.

    Their rigor is something to see, but it doesn't even touch a lived life. It is as unreal as deconstruction or pure mathematics, in that it is a system that begins by declaring, "No humans allowed here," and yet is spoken by and conceived of through humans.

    When Wittgenstein said that philosophers seeking Truth were like a fly buzzing around and around a Coca-Cola bottle, I don't think he meant that they should stop on the side of the glass and imagine a hole.

    Everyone is innocent of something.

    by The Geogre on Fri Jul 27, 2012 at 09:13:12 AM PDT

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      The Geogre

      that's why i hated my senior year class on wittgenstein...does the average person really think about whether venus as the morning star is different than venus the evening star??

      also agreed on the fuzzy nature of language and like the imagery of a cloud....our words are amalgams of our 'cloud' of 'beauty' is going to be slightly different than everyone else's 'cloud' of "beauty"

      [upon rereading ur post, i find no mention of language as a cloud!  hmmm...i still like the idea though...language as clouds upon which we hang our experiences; they're fuzzy, w/o clear definitions and are constantly evoloving...

      fwiw, i think that there's not a whole lot of daylight btwn our two positions on the Idolization of Rationalism or i said, i think you're operating in the upper stratosphere, speaking to all of us philosophical angels ( :) ) ~ that is, it's not hard to explain but hard to make the uninitiated comprehend.  

      all this philosophical dialogue has me yearning to dig up some of my old writings...perhaps i can find some of my own tidbits of anti-rationalism and message you with them this weekend.

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