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  •  Even the Climate Change advocates might be off... (1+ / 0-)
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    .... a little on the extent of temperature rise already achieved.

    The claim of there being only a certain temperature rise that has occurred, 0.8C fails to account for effects that are mitigating or hiding the real temperature rise.

    As seen in the days after 9/11 when all air traffic over North America was suspended. The pan-evaporation rate rose to indicate that the actual average temperature had gone up 1.98C, and was being artificially lowered by the particulate pollution from jet aircraft exhaust released into the stratosphere, reflecting a percentage of the Sun's energy before it reached the lower atmosphere.

    It may be that the means we are using to measure "average temperature" around the globe are too spotty to accurately measure it. Perhaps we need a much more extensive continuous sampling worldwide. And that the real average temperature is even higher than is officially assumed.

    In a recent study from Lawrence Livermore Labs on climate change issues, they included data indicating that the particulate pollution from our coal fired power plants were actually mitigating some of the effects of warming by blocking and reflecting a small percentage of the Sun's energy.

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