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View Diary: Rob Portman being vetted for Rmoney's veep (39 comments)

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  •  Portman is a final three VP candidate... (4+ / 0-)
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    He's having a ton of meetings with the VP search team.  

    Regarding his support for the Blunt amendment - it was religious or moral grounds.  That's an even bigger can of worms.  

    Portman already has a pushback ready for his deficit budget - he's said to the effect "the economy was stronger then, not to mention folks would love to have that small deficit budget now".  

    Obama camp would have to be ready to blame the Bush economy for the crash and Portman was part of that economy as a budget director.  Also while Portman was in congress he voted for both wars, Medicare Part D and the Bush Tax cuts - all without paying for any of them and even when he was CBO director he never tried to rectify the situation in any way.  Not to mention Portman was a budget director in Bush's second term - after Cheney upon winning re-election commented "Deficits don't matter - we have a mandate".  

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