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  •  I don't agree (6+ / 0-)

    with this so much

    Men don't have more dangerous jobs (1+ / 0-)

    Unless they choose them. And they get paid a hell of a lot for that risk.

    That may be true in some circumstances, but not many. Being a cell tower climber is the most dangerous profession today and they generally make about 10 dollars an hour. Construction work is not much better paying.  

    There are not that many jobs that require brute force nowadays. Being a Administrative Assistant pays more than a lot of jobs done mainly by men and in a lot of cases is not viewed as okay for men to do this work.  The same is true of nursing and in teaching, especially when it comes to grade school and middle school teachers  and teachers assistants at all levels.  Women are now equal to men when it comes to being school Principals.

     There is a glass ceiling for women when you get to the very top of most business professions, but they do okay up until then.

    However, men of color are blocked much more than white women at any level except for the most low paying jobs. Many of these advantages that white women speak of are advantages to white males of a certain class. But there is a large portion of non-white men (who make up about 35% of the male population) who do not enjoy the benefits you speak of. This kind of thinking exemplifies why many nonwhite women are not that interested in the women's movement except maybe when it comes to birth control.


    by jennybravo on Wed Jul 11, 2012 at 12:40:01 PM PDT

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