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  •  Proteomics? (1+ / 0-)
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    bluebird of happiness

    I came across an article in PLoS that discussed the use of proteomics as a potential diagnostic tool for schizophrenia and depression (Domenici et al. 2010:  "Plasma Protein Biomarkers for Depression and Schizophrenia by Multi Analyte Profiling of Case-Control Collections").  Are these methods used more widely now or are they still in the research phase.  Interesting stuff.

    •  Not currently used (2+ / 0-)

      Currently there are no biomarkers available that definitively diagnose any psychiatric disease, the way antibodies indicate an infection or troponin indicates a heart attack.  

      There is a lot of research being done, but nothing definitive yet.  Good candidate biomarkers need to also be approved by the FDA, and this process can take years of careful clinical studies.

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      by Hugh Jim Bissell on Thu Jul 12, 2012 at 09:16:21 AM PDT

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