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    You shouldn't apologize for your feelings at all.

    I say, find someplace remote... And scream.  Just scream and scream and scream.

    Scream with anger and hate.

    Scream with relief.

    Scream knowing that all this past half year+ you journeyed far and wide... And opened the eyes of so many and gave voice to so many.

    And then scream for love of life, because you are still here.  Because you needed to be here for those who couldn't speak for themselves.

    Full circle.

    For all that you endured, for all that you kept on top of this, dogging it, pushing it in front of eyes that wanted to turn away?  

    Your voice was heard.

    Your voice reverberates.

    Now go out there and scream.

    Then go home where you know your family will embrace you.

    Many hugs.


    All the suffering of this world arises from a wrong attitude.The world is neither good or bad. It is only the relation to our ego that makes it seem the one or the other - Lama Anagorika Govinda

    by kishik on Thu Jul 12, 2012 at 11:06:05 AM PDT

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