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View Diary: Why the right wing MUST repeal Obamacare (231 comments)

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  •  The Republicans are hanging themselves with their (6+ / 0-)

    own rope--what sane, normal person is opposed to the idea of providing Americans with health care? Every time they open their mouths anymore, they manage to turn off more and more people. They are revealing themselves to be the party of racists, woman-haters, homophobes, evil minded bigots and crooked businessmen to more and more people.

    Oh, and nice to see you around here again!

    •  Yes, tonya, but it's precisely that (3+ / 0-)
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      tonyahky, HoundDog, Matt Z

      racist, woman-hating, homophobic, evil minded, bigoted and crooked part of them that appeals to so much of their base.

      And thanks - good to be seen!  :-)

      Politics is about the improvement of people's lives. - Paul Wellstone

      by occams hatchet on Thu Jul 12, 2012 at 02:11:28 PM PDT

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