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View Diary: Why Romney flip-flopped on Bain departure date (326 comments)

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  •  So what if he wasn't involved in day-to-day (1+ / 0-)
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    So what if he wasn't involved in day-to-day operations.. He was the owner.  What happens under him is ultimately his responsibility.  Are you really trying to claim that an owner of a company can just look the other way and not take any responsibility for negative things that happen?

    •  Reread what I said (0+ / 0-)

      I'm not making that claim at all. As owner, CEO, and president of Bain through 2002 (even just "technically"), Romney was legally responsible for everything that happened there through that time. He probably played an active role, too, but that hasn't been proven yet. I suspect it will be soon.

      But this article at HuffPo doesn't incriminate him any further. It just says that he sat on boards of individual companies. He could have sat on those boards even if he was no longer with Bain.

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