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  •  He's not getting sympathy brooklyn (25+ / 0-)

    He doesn't need or want my sympathy, I have no need to give it and I'm not offering it.  

    He's getting recognition and appreciation from me.  I remember the fucking tea party idiots stomping around the summer of the health care legislation.  Some of them had guns and they made them wait a distance away from where Obama was speaking. They hung him in effigy.  They call him Hitler.  There was a huge increase in death threats for him and his family.  And he was the first black president this country had ever had.  And he had to deal with the ordinary shit that goes with that job as well as the extraordinary shit I mentioned.  

    As I remember that time, telling the GOP what to do would not have worked.  Like I said I don't need him to be aggressive or assertive on my behalf.  I can handle my feelings.  

    And he accomplished incredible things at a time when there were 14 weeks when there were 60 in the Democratic caucus.  When everyone was finally sworn in there were 58 Democrats and 2 independents in the Senate Democratic caucus -- one of those was Joe Lieberman who campaigned for McCain and tried to gum things up as much as he could.  There was also a Blue Dog caucus in the Senate blocking and dragging their feet.  That's reality.  

    From Kevin Drum at Mother Jones:

    About that Filibuster Proof Majority

    Well, let's at least get our history straight. Until Al Franken was sworn in on July 7, the Democratic caucus in the Senate stood at 59. After that it was technically up to 60, but Ted Kennedy hadn't cast a vote in months and was housebound due to illness. He died a few weeks later and was replaced by Paul Kirk on September 24, finally bringing the Democratic majority up to 60 in practice as well as theory. After that the Senate was in session for 11 weeks before taking its winter recess, followed by three weeks until Scott Brown won Kennedy's seat in the Massachusetts special election.

    So that means Democrats had an effective filibuster-proof majority for about 14 weeks.

    They had to get Collins, Snowe and Specter (who was an R then) to vote to pass the Stimulus and they had conditions -- cut some jobs, added taxes, cut the size.

    No he doesn't get my sympathy. I don't need for him to be perfect.  I appreciate that he has a perspective in time that lets him see how to be more effective.

    Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.~ Howard Zinn

    by ParkRanger on Thu Jul 12, 2012 at 07:00:31 PM PDT

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