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  •  Well, it helps if (0+ / 0-)

    if your policies are strong, fair, and the best solution -- Obama's obviously were none of these things.

    Obama's biggest mistake was to push the same, tired, Rubinite neoliberalism -- complete with no strings bailouts, a bank friendly non-policy on housing, austerity, killing the effort to break up the banks, and unfair trade deals -- at a time when the public was crying out for economic justice. He quite explicitly tried to diffuse populist anger instead of riding it and channeling it, admitting that he wanted to stand between bankers and the pitchforks.

    Yes, it would've helped if he told the compelling (and true) story -- that Wall Street and pols of both parties, leading with Bill Clinton -- had succeeded in trashing the economy, causing suffering on massive scale, but his actions -- especially impunity for bankers -- would've undermined the message.

    Americans know what's going on. They know they're getting screwed, and they're looking for a champion. Prez has refused to be it -- he's probably ideologically and temperamentally unable to be it.

    The good news is: Mitt, who cannot and will not be able to persuade people that he'd be any better. People are coming to realize he'd be worse.

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