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View Diary: Legalize marijuana but regulate it to be mild (110 comments)

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  •  I agree some of this new stuff is (0+ / 0-)

    extremely strong. It makes the vaunted Thai Stick of my youth seem mild.

    I am for legalization across the board , but like the idea of having varying strengths available.

    Anecdotally , I have noticed/heard of people having  more issues with panic , paranoia and such with the super potent strains. Honestly just doesn't seem as much fun. But, to each their own.

    •  and i've seen more people get... (1+ / 0-)
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      .... way over-their-heads dependent on recreational MJ with the super-potent strains than with the stuff that people were smoking when I was a kid.  

      As in, smoking it every few hours, just to keep their heads on their shoulders.  

      That's too much.

      Hardly as dangerous to self & others as alcoholism of course, but none the less, it does cause problems.

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