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  •  so still (0+ / 0-)

    what's the point? It doesn't touch the problem of illegal marijuana in a world where people can get it illegally or are incarcerated at an alarming rate for  either providing it or imbibing it. what hypocrisy. Who gives a rats ass about the medical aspects they are fine and beneficial but why try and make it so that the good parts are weakened and nobody gets high what a crock of control. Why do you think it makes people sick or well feel better?  Cause it is natures drug a good one a benign one this is b s.

    •  Point is just that it's another strain for a few (0+ / 0-)

      That's all. I didn't say it was AT ALL a useful solution to the problem. It's just a novel strain that's likely useful for some patients. Creating new, useful medical strains is a good thing.

      It isn't useful for other patients (e.g., the many who do benefit from THC), nor does it solve the drug war problems.

      I think we agree on that part, and that you might have misread me... I was simply stating that it's a good product, as far as producing a novel strain of cannabis. I'm very-much in favor of full legalization and taxation, and ending the pointless cartel-funding drug war.

      I'm certainly NOT agreeing with the diarist that we should just legalize this modified no-THC strain, as some sort of substitute for keeping everything else illegal.

      •  The diary is not about no-THC (0+ / 0-)

        I mentioned the no-high version as evidence for the point that strength can be controlled. The weed envisioned in the idea is a weak-to-medium strength target for commercial product.

        •  Of course the strength can be controlled...but if (0+ / 0-)

          you are looking at it from a medical standpoint, you cannot ignore that THC has been shown to have significant medical uses. Some patients may get relief from CBD alone. Many will not.

          There's a reason that (crappy) Marinol is 100% THC. There's a reason that Sativex is 50/50 THC/CBD.

          You suggest that those who need a greater proportion of THC not be allowed to do so as other people who just use it for pleasure would be able to do so.

          This is a horrid suggestion even just from a medical standpoint, even ignoring the benefits of full legalization. Now, I'm all for having novel strains like this, but not at the expense of depriving those who need medications, just so other people don't get high. Or so those patients can't get high. (Except they will. They'll just continue to go to their dealers and fund the cartels, while we continue to lose out on tax revenue.)

          Would you rather people take pharmaceuticals that actually get you physically addicted on top of the high? I'm not sure why you're not railing against those, along with other recreational drugs such as alcohol and nicotine. (At least marijuana has medical uses, unlike the others.)

          •  I'm pro-legalization (1+ / 0-)
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            This is just a form of legalization to chat about. Other/stronger variants could always be available by prescription for medical purposes.

            •  Okay. I got the idea that you were against (4+ / 0-)

              legalization in general. I agree that medical uses are a good stepping-stone. However, I don't think making some low-THC "weak weed" initially available is feasible at all.

              For one, even if it does provide a mild buzz that people enjoy, we'd have to regulate it like we do distilling (and tried to regulate brewing and alcohol in general.) And from a medical standpoint, it doesn't treat a wide range of symptoms that THC and other cannabinoids can address.

              Legalizing this weak form and ONLY allowing it to be obtained through some commercial entities does not seem like a good idea, in particular. I'd rather not have Monsanto Roundup-Ready Cannabis be the only option. Thus, I don't think it's reasonable to legalize it but not allow it to be grown in whatever form, so individuals and local farmers can grow whatever form. It's either that or just keep it prescription only. The prescription system isn't built to handle a substance like marijuana, nor should it have to be.

              (If we could just extract out the cannabinoids, which there's certainly technology for, then mix them in proportions for each, there's something that can bring some business to local compounding pharmacies. I'd be happy to see something like that with prescription-only availability.)

              Now, if you do allow it to be grown, regulating what is grown turns into a nightmare. We already waste millions a year killing feral hemp that just grows back. If it's legal to grow, then you can't really do much without sampling every suspect plant and testing it...

              In any case, I just don't see this playing out into any sort of useful scenario...I'd rather see more and more medical legalization, and some states slowly phasing in full legalization until we hit that tipping point where it can be done federally. (Then we rake in the tax dollars while watching crime go down and the Mexican cartels wither!)

              •  Good points / argument (1+ / 0-)
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                Thanks for your thoughts. I agree that what you have in mind is likely the better alternative.

                This version of the idea was submitted by someone on this website I started (, and I thought it would be interesting to see what people thought. I'm confident that the intention is not to authorize just big corporate growers. And if a marijuana product is sold in stores one day, I would expect it to be pretty heavily regulated for "safety", though it depends what type of store (if just head shops, then maybe not, but if at CVS then yes). I can certainly imagine the FDA testing the product regularly. How is it with cigarette companies?

                I'd love it if you'd join the site and propose/discuss/vote on policy ideas.


                •  Safety regulation really is a problem if legal... (1+ / 0-)
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                  I completely agree on that one. I imagine the rules for any initial legalization would, likely, include small and individual growing and sales first. That way, you can have less-regulated marijuana available from, say, your local organic farmer, or a local co-op. It might not be as stringently-tested as most stuff you inhale...but I'm sure it'd beat the hell out of the Mexican junk that's on the streets now.

                  Large-scale sales become difficult under that system, though. I personally think the best method would be to basically let any store that sells alcohol also sell marijuana. They would have to contract with distributors for "inspected" marijuana, and reasonable FDA regulations would apply.

                  That type of sale would probably be best as far as availability, security, checking IDs, etc. I'm not sure I like the idea of just selling it in head shops; that's getting to the sketchiness of street dealers. Likewise, unless it's going to be medical-grade and dispensed as such, I'm not sure CVS is the place to buy it either. (If it is medical grade, that's fine. That's how they do it in the Netherlands, for example; the pharmacies have a limited range, whereas the coffee shops have a much wider variety.)

                  In any case, I'll take a look at your site...

                •  I don't think cigarettes are tested at all (1+ / 0-)
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                  In fact, for many years, and maybe still, there has been radioactive polonium in them from the supper phosphate fertilizer, causing something like half of the bronchial cancers caused by cigarettes.

                  The tobacco companies knew about it for decades, but couldn't see any profit in making sure it wasn't in the cigarettes, so they just let it happen.

                  Women create the entire labor force.

                  by splashy on Fri Jul 13, 2012 at 01:59:12 AM PDT

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