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View Diary: Follow. The. Olympics. Money. Bain+Romney 1999-2001 (198 comments)

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    People are afraid to say the M word.

    Romney's closest "partner" at Bain is a fellow Mormon.

    The Olympics brought Romney in mostly because he's a powerful Mormon and they were in Utah.

    This is all about propping up the Olympics with Mormon deals and then enriching the Mormon church via corporations like Bain and other deals made in Utah.

    This is essentially a story that could be written about Scientology, only it's the Mormons.

    It's terrible that white people like Romney don't have their religion talked about critically in the news, because this is a real scandal and it deserves MUCH more press than Rev. Wright got.

    This is about trashing our Constitution and promoting/enriching a specific religion with taxpayer dollars.

    •  FYI, at least 10% of the money that went to (6+ / 0-)

      Mormons at Bain eventually goes to the Mormon church.

      At least. Some Mormons like Romney kick back more for certain "deals" because they can afford it.

      It really is a lot like the way Scientology works.

      That's a big part of why they did what they did IMO.

      I think we can wait until we nail Romney on the secular aspects in all this, so the debate doesn't get bogged down in the discussion of when it's OK to criticize a corrupt religious group. But eventually, once the Bain investigation has run its course, I think the Mormon aspect to all of this should be discussed.

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