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View Diary: Bain - Halperin tightens the screws - Update: Romney schedules network interviews (305 comments)

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    Julia Grey

    I am not going to say anything you probably don't already know but here goes

    First off, the premise supposes rational actions. I agree with this premise in this case. In a homicide, the question is always, "who benefits". How does RMoney benefit ?

    I think that he remained in charge legally, but he participated less in the daily management of the Bain Capital, especially while he was working on the Olympic Games. He planned to become more active after the Olympics. Nevertheless, he knew of and gave the final approval for Bain Capital's major investments ...
    he attended their board meetings, helped create five new partnerships ....
    Ultimately, he decided to run for office, for Pete's sake - as Governor of Massachusetts.

    Since he planned to return to a more active role and since he still gave the final approval for Bain Capital's Investments and since it would be difficult to create a new ownership, he continued to serve as CEO, sole shareholder, and chairman of the board.

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      Old Lefty

      That is one possible and reasonable scenario, and would be consistent with how hard he fought to convince Massachusetts that he was still actively involved in Bain and thus did not lose his Mass. residency.

      However, it is not consistent with his FEC filings and his repeated statements during the campaign that he severed ALL ties with Bain in February 1999. (Those match the 2002 backdated-to-1999 severance agreement, per the Globe.)

      So it's not clear which corner he's backed himself into, and which documents he signed that were not quite exactly true, but they can't all be true simultaneously.

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