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View Diary: Bain Capital press release described Romney as 'part-time' in July, 1999 (158 comments)

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    In the beginning he wanted to be seen as a job creator.  With so many people out of work and losing jobs to outsourcing over the last years he didn't want to be seen as that type of businessman.  It would have almost been better for him to accept that as a "natural" part of business and blame it on Washington for creating that type of environment.  He could have said that in order to be competitive Bain was forced to follow the rules everybody else followed. But nope...he thought the media would do what it has been doing for the past 5 years. IGNORE IT.  It is obvious that the MSM don't want to cover this story.  I watched Morning Joe and listened to Joe, Michael Steele, David Gregory, a little CNN last night and David Gergan was RIDICULOUS in trying to do their best to not be and call a spade a spade.  Can't ignore facts but in my best Glenn Close voice "the facts can't be ignored Norman".  As of this morning none of the MSM quite knew how to handle this situation.  I'm curious to see if they've all come up with a plan and talking points for it.  

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