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View Diary: A funny thing happened after the recall – Walker became irrelevant (155 comments)

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    I will say it seems odd that so many voters in Racine appeared to vote for Walker but against the Republican Senator Wanggaard
    I think that is largely an illusion based on whole-county comparisons. Walker (reportedly) beat Barrett by more than 2:1 in the wards that weren't in SD 21.

    Comparing apples to apples, Wanggaard got about 1000 fewer votes than Walker, and Lehman got about 500 more votes than Barrett, out of about 73,000 votes cast in the governor's contest. Superficially, it isn't a big shift -- although of course I can't vouch that it is correct.

    That said, I definitely like the idea of looking at ballots instead of arguing about the canvass results.

    •  Ticket splitting =/= evidence of fraud (6+ / 0-)

      especially if it's only a few percent. Wanggaard was said to be extremely unresponsive to his constituents' concerns, and some voters may have not thought Walker was recallable but thought Wanggaard was.

      Male, 22, -4.75/-6.92, born and raised TN-05, now WI-02, remorseless supporter of Walker's recall. Pocan for Congress and Baldwin for Senate!

      by fearlessfred14 on Sat Jul 14, 2012 at 08:47:17 AM PDT

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      •  There may have also been ticket splitting... (0+ / 0-) SD-13 and SD-29, although Republicans Fitzgerald and Petrowski, respectively, won those recall elections by double digits. In the case of SD-13, there may have been quite a few Walker/Compas voters who saw recalling Walker as unnecessary but absolutely hated Fitzgerald, in the case of SD-29, Seidel ran such a weak campaign that there may have been quite a few Barrett/Petrowski voters.

        I'd love to see some non-governmental organization recount the SD-13, SD-23, and SD-29 ballots, just for the sake of analysis.

        "We don't have government anymore, we have an auction." -Lori Compas

        by DownstateDemocrat on Sun Jul 15, 2012 at 02:05:40 AM PDT

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