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View Diary: This week in the War on Women: Wanna hear a joke? You should be raped! Hahaha! (322 comments)

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  •  To coin a phrase----------"it was a joke" (23+ / 0-)

    is the last refuge of an A##H*l$

    Not blaming Bush for the mess we're in, is like not blaming a train engineer for a fatal train wreck because he's no longer driving the train.

    by JML9999 on Sat Jul 14, 2012 at 09:10:37 AM PDT

    •  Yea, I remember that fucked up line from a (6+ / 0-)

      stalker decades ago.

      Yea, it was so goddamn funny I forgot to laugh.

    •  He's a comedian (2+ / 0-)
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      mismolly, Americantrueandblue

      Isn't that what he does? Jokes? He's not up there explaining policy or teaching us linear algebra. I fail to see how this is a last refuge.

      You can say that it wasn't funny, and you can say that it was offensive, but to discount the "it was a joke" when it comes from a comedian is off the mark. Jon Stewart defends his less-than-honest journalism with "I am a comedian, not a journalist. I tell jokes." Is that the last refuge also?

    •  It's a way of marginalizing. It tells the offendee (4+ / 0-)

      that thier feelings about the widespread abuse of thier group are unimportant and that they are powerless in the face of the mob who favor doing exactly what the "joker" suggested.

      I don't want to silence him but I will never sit still and listen..If I was that woman in the audience I would have got up and walked out. In fact, if I ever met him I would turn and walk away.

      Unlike the commercially supported AHs like Limbaugh or the freaky nutjob Beck, he didn't go on and on for days attacking one woman falsely  with full intent to try to destroy her and make her the target of the loonatic fringe. We have a right to boycott anyone who allows another to deliberately use our buying thier products to finance hit men. People who are using thier advertizer supported soapbox to not just speak whatever they want but to advocate and/or arouse behaviors  amongst thier loony fringe. Stalking, spreading rumors, posting filthy suggestions for anyone who could find her just what to do to her....These are the behaviors Limbaugh encouraged and it was not just free speech... It was incitement. Notice no one suggested shutting him up by passing a law but a group under attack has a right to not support that kind of abuse of free speech  by boycotting.

      No he is not funny... I never liked Don Rickles for the same reason... I loved Carlin.

      How can you tell when Rmoney is lying? His lips are moving. Fear is the Mind Killer

      by boophus on Sat Jul 14, 2012 at 12:59:49 PM PDT

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    •  racist sexist bigot comeback par excellence (2+ / 0-)
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      LSophia, means are the ends

      for decades now.

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