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View Diary: The Economist on oil (III) - slamming the energy bill (102 comments)

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  •  Bush's solution: kill Amtrak (none)
    Bushco doesn't do mass transit, they can not relate to it, even their maids and servants drive to work.

    A sensible mass transit plan would save millions of gallons of oil every day, but it will never happen while Bushco is in control.

    There is book out called "The High Price of Free Parking" that discusses the distortion of our living spaces by the automobile worship.  Lots of the european countries have taken a different approach, gas costs so much that only the wealthy drive.  That would suit Bushco except that GM is a big supporter and GM wants to keep selling those disgusting Hummers.

    •  I'm with you on this, I'd prefer public transit (none)
      And yeah, the regime looks like it wants to kill anything that has "public" attached.

      But say if we raised the price of gas by 10000%, we can't just make public transit overnight.  And with the inelasticity of gas consumption, I don't think we can raise the gas taxes slowly and have any real effect on consumer behavior.

      Doing things the Bush way is certainly wrong, but going in the opposite direction doesn't seem any more right.  Any ideas?

      (I'd love to have rail service around here...)

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