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View Diary: The Economist on oil (III) - slamming the energy bill (102 comments)

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  •  Ethanol from agricultural waste too (none)
    There is some research in various places to convert cellulosic material into ethanol.  For example, the material left in corn fields after the harvest could be collected and converted into ethanol.   It requires energy input (fuel to collect material, processing, etc.), but is more efficient than growing corn as a raw material.
    •  or (none)
      you could plow it under and use less petro-based fertilizer. Just sayin' is all.
      •  environmental damages (none)
        The average U.S. automobile, traveling 10,000 miles a year on pure ethanol (not a gasoline-ethanol mix) would need about 852 gallons of the corn-based fuel. This would take 11 acres to grow, based on net ethanol production. This is the same amount of cropland required to feed seven Americans.

        The choice will be plough it under or let the livestock rummage it.  Or no till the ground.

        Thr ground must be fertilized.  And livestock will need to be fed.

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