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View Diary: Oh for God's sake, it isn't a swiftboating. (193 comments)

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  •  Agreed. Even the action of continuing himself (57+ / 0-)

    as chairmen of the board, CEO, president, as as stockholder is a legal action, as was then as CEO, and chairmen setting his executive salary at $100,000 per year.

    And, you are exactly correct, the issue is not whether or not he actually did anything other than that, it is a case of a false statement.

    Additionally, CNN is missing other issues here.  While he now repeatedly insists he had absolutely no involvement with Bain, or any of its entities, or portfolio clients, which as you note here, contradicts his SEC filings, when it came to the challenge to his Massachusetts residency prior to the race for Governor, he sore under oath that he had ongoing involvement, citing his many trips back to Massachusetts to attend board meetings, and even asserting that on occasions he couldn't fly back he was involved by phone.

    HuffingtonPost reports it has the transcripts of this June 2002 testimony to the Massachusetts Election Commission.

    Romney was successful in convincing this commission that his involvement, including his $100,000 per year executive salary, (not dividends), was sufficient to maintain his claim to Massachusetts residency, despite his living in Utah for the prior three years.

    Also, in a newspaper interview, he announced that although he would by managing the Olympics he would still be involved in Bain, on a part time basis.

    How is it possible for CNN, to compare this to  Swiftboating, a campaign based on lies.  And, on what basis do they take it upon themselves to declare these significant legal issues, insignificant on behalf of the voters, and courts?  Their job is to fact check, not to decide what it important, or not when it come to Mitt Romney's personal integrity and character.

    What is clear is that when it was convenient, in the June 2002, MA Election commission hearing, he testified under oath, that he had ongoing involvement, not only siting these facts as critical supporting evidence, but making it clear that is intent was to portray to the Mass Election Commission that he had active, ongoing involvement, and that his Utah activities were only a leave of absence.  

    Now, that he wishes not to be associated with any of the Bain activity of 1999 to 2002, he swears to the exact opposite, and now says that the foundational critical legal documents he signed proving he was the sole stockholder, etc. or just trivial legacy documents.  This is not how the law views them.

    Rarely to you find someone providing such concrete evidence of either perjury then, or false statements now.  If it were not for the statue of limitations, the Mass Elections board could seek actions just based on this evidence.  

    Just because he was not indicted in time, does not mean he has the character to be president.  

    CNN is conflating the many different details at issue here. Yesterday, David Gergen started off this downplaying after talking to two of his old Bain friends he trusts, he reassured him that Romney really had little to do with the day to day management.  But, this is not at all the issue.  We see limited concentration, and/or understanding of the actual issues on the part of CNN reporters, as well as lack of clarity about their roles -- are they reporters, editorialists, or even campaign workers?

    The means is the ends in the process of becoming. - Mahatma Gandhi

    by HoundDog on Fri Jul 13, 2012 at 08:27:02 PM PDT

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