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  •  example (26+ / 0-)

    Consider these two news stories from March 30, 2010:

    Nine members of the Hutaree Militia, a "Christian Patriot" group, are arrested in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. According to a federal indictment, the militia members engaged in paramilitary training in perpetration for an apocalyptic battle with the forces of the Antichrist, who they believed would include local, state and federal law enforcement officers. The indictment charged the militia members with plotting to kill a randomly selected police officer in Michigan, and then detonate improvised explosive devices at the officer's funeral.
    BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Anti-war protesters have heckled former White House political adviser Karl Rove off the stage at his book signing in Beverly Hills.

    About 100 Rove supporters watched Monday as Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans walked toward him with handcuffs, calling him a war criminal and saying she was making a citizen's arrest.

    CNN reported the news stories together, creating a false equivalency and implying that the two events demonstrate an equal balance of right and left extremism.

    The right whines incessantly about Rachel Maddow because she is publicly liberal news anchor.  Know who else was a publicly liberal news anchor?  Walter Cronkite.  But both reporters are known for journalistic integrity and fairness.

    Watch any Rachel Maddow show, and the first story is always a thoroughly researched piece that is presented carefully as an unfolding story, clearly citing primary evidence and coming to simple straightforward conclusions.

    CNN could take a lesson.  

    •  I doubt CNN is even capable of doing what (8+ / 0-)

      Rachel Maddow does.

      There probably aren't many Rhodes Scholars with PHDs in Political Science working at CNN.

      More likely there are 27 year old 'producers' who like to party and Twitter a lot.

      It shows in their content.

      Typical of the current corporate culture.
      Inexperienced employees are cheaper, good for keeping the costs down.

      Cable teevee programming costs have been stripped to the bone.
      The only place to go from here is down into irrelevance.
      Another great job by modern "take the money and run and leave someone else holding the bag" corporate management.

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