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  •  Robert, I'm sorry to seem disputatious, (4+ / 0-)

    but passages like "Take care of the body, and it'll support your identity; take care of your identity, and it will support your quest" strike me as codswallop.

    Is your concern fraudulent enlightenment?  You name-drop a huge reading list and appear to pivot away from those writers and thinking into a frame of reference where 'fraud' is prevalent.  

    Not seeing grounds for this.  

    Several sources which might be valuable to any thinker have no primary source material.  We learn of Jesus, for example, not from Jesus, but from a host of other folks, some of whom can't get their story straight.  

    I'm still not seeing what's the matter with alternative models.  Many such predate us.  In some cases, quite arguably, they are better than the current models.  'Fraud' is not era-specific.  


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