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View Diary: Anti-Capitalist Meet Up: Let's Talk 'Decolonization' (87 comments)

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  •  Excellent diary (7+ / 0-)

    Thank you.

    Decolonize the mind. Yes. It's almost a Zen Buddhist thing. Strip away all debris until you have nothing left but the real self, and then you go even deeper until there is no self, either. It's just all one. One big family, planet, universe, united, undifferentiated.

    So, no reason for discrimination. No reason to hate. No reason to fight or compete.

    I've taken the last twenty years or so to shed political debris (decolonize, in a way), moving from an apolitical liberal, to a left-liberal, and onto ecosocialism. For me, the Green Left unites what is most important: social justice, civil rights, human rights, equality for all, and a green, sustainable way of life. They go the furthest, IMO, to decolonize the mind and the planet.

    Fusing Zen with Ecosocialism rounds the circle for me. The center is nowhere and everywhere. The circumference nowhere and everywhere.

    Best of luck with your journey.

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