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View Diary: The REAL real reason Romney MUST say he left Bain in February 1999 (177 comments)

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  •  The facts don't matter. (22+ / 0-)

    The public perception was long ago frozen. Mitt save the Olympics. What actually happened is beside the point. So much of being a great businessman is not in selling the product -- it's in selling yourself and being able to blame others when the product doesn't sell, while making yourself look like the only reasonable person in the room.

    Mitt has that down cold. It's a special Made-in-America brand of hokum.

    •  Why isn't he running more on his Olympic record? (17+ / 0-)

      If what you say is true the public would see him as the savior of the Olympics and he'd be riding that sentiment high.  That was of course the plan all along.

      But he isn't.

      One reason is that his successful lobbying of upwards of $1 billion in post-9/11 federal dollars became a liability rather than an asset with the rise of the Tea Party.

      (Romneycare=Olympic Bailout)

      His two principal public achievements, yet he disowns the former and ignores the latter.

    •  Old advertising adage taken to logical conclusion (6+ / 0-)

      It's the old advertising industry adage, "Don't sell the steak, sell the sizzle," taken to its logical conclusion.

      Nowadays image and emotional aura are everything — substance and factual truth don't count.

      Maybe that's why sports are popular. You still have to actually score. Measurements in seconds and meters don't lie — the units don't fluctuate, becoming shorter or longer according to the day's action on some rigged "market."

      In business, it gotten to the point where even the slowest "runner" can "set a world record" by buying up seconds when they are longer, and meters when they are shorter.

      The Dutch kids' chorus Kinderen voor Kinderen wishes all the world's children freedom from hunger, ignorance, and war.

      by lotlizard on Sat Jul 14, 2012 at 11:35:04 PM PDT

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    •  Ask Penn State about frozen public perception (8+ / 0-)

      They are undergoing the equivalent of an isolated but massive Glacial Melt.

      Joe Pa was THE Gold Standard with regard to Integrity in Sports. Outside of some Big Ten coaches who felt that Joe Pa stole a recruit from them and some sports talking heads that claimed "the game had passed him by" to bait calls for sports radio, very, very few really bad words crossed people's lips when discussing Joe Pa.

      Until now,  for obvious reasons.

      It's rMONEY's bad luck that the myth of Joe Pa is being taken down a few notches in the midst of what I am sure was going to be a clever multimedia "Success Victory Lap" during the London Games:

      --Mitt congratulates medal winners.

      --Mitt shares meal with athletes in Olympic Village.

      --Mitt chats up NBC correspondents about the difficulty of staging events and venues.

      He starts significantly lower on the "Integrity Scale" than Joe Pa, and this digging into what really happened in Salt Lake is bound to turn up something that smells, even to the Punditry.

      Karma and all that.

      When you are right you cannot be too radical; when you are wrong, you cannot be too conservative. --Martin Luther King Jr.

      by Egalitare on Sun Jul 15, 2012 at 03:46:18 AM PDT

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      •  Oh My God (4+ / 0-)
        --Mitt congratulates medal winners.

        --Mitt shares meal with athletes in Olympic Village.

        --Mitt chats up NBC correspondents about the difficulty of staging events and venues.

        I never thought of this. Lucky for me I have CBC to avoid such nonsense.

        -7.5 -7.28, A carrot is as close as a rabbit gets to a diamond.-Don Van Vliet

        by Blueslide on Sun Jul 15, 2012 at 05:50:25 AM PDT

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        •  Mitt isnt going to get good traction from glamming (1+ / 0-)
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          onto the upcoming Olympics...  people just DONT like to see sports mixed with politics...  and getting your picture taken with MITT might not be the best PR for gold medal winners as they do not want to be tied to the man who might end up the loser in the presidential race.

          If I was the manager of one of those winning athletes i would recommend they have as LITTLE to do with Mitt as possible so as to not jeopardize any future endorsement deals...

          Maybe Mitt can pal around with Ralph Lauren during the games and wear one of those french looking berets that Ralph had made in China...   :)

          "You've got to be an optimist to be a Democrat, and a humorist to stay one" - Will Rogers

          by KnotIookin on Sun Jul 15, 2012 at 08:54:21 AM PDT

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    •  Not Anymore (1+ / 0-)
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      I think most people didn't associate Rmoney with the Olympics at the time. Most people are hearing about "Rmoney's Olympics" now for the first time. Until now, without details (and without challenge), they've heard the simple point "Rmoney saved the Olympics". But most people can't connect that to anything, because they have no idea how the Olympics work, and assume it just happens, because between the 4 years (lately 2), there's no NFL/MLB/NCAA sharing all the "inside baseball".

      So now Obama gets to define "Rmoney's Olympics". Obama will walk a very fine line, because he doesn't want to get blasted with "attacking the Olympics" (nor will he jeopardize the inevitable scams going on in London this Summer, which will be alternating with election coverage). But Obama can define Rmoney as a liar about the Olympics, as taking credit for what already happened (the TV money actually rescuing SLC), and as a guy who buys things with $millions and a load of lies.

      Rmoney isn't really a salesman. He's a banker. His lies are obvious when pointed out, people dislike him personally even when they like what he's selling. And he sells out America every chance he gets.

      Obama can sell that to at least 50% of voters fairly easily.

      "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." - HST

      by DocGonzo on Sun Jul 15, 2012 at 06:22:59 PM PDT

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