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  •  It is true that all climate models are wrong. (2+ / 0-)
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    Nowhere Man, FarWestGirl

    The reality is always worse. The atmosphere is warming faster than projected. The oceans are warming (and becoming more acidic) faster than projected, and therefore rising faster than projected. The land is warming faster than projected. Ice and permafrost, from the poles to equatorial high-mountain glaciers, are melting faster than projected.

    Storms are more frequent and worse than projected—hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, all of them. Because of increased evaporation in the tropics, winter snowstorms are worse than projected, and spring melt is faster than projected, with worse flooding than projected, leaving little to melt later in summer. Droughts due to faster spring melting and to lack of rain in summer are more frequent and worse than projected. Fires are more frequent and worse than projected. Species are migrating to stay in the temperature range that suits them faster than projected. Summer heat waves are hotter and more frequent than projected. Winters are milder than projected, allowing more overwintering pests such as bark beetles to do more damage to forests than projected.

    Worst of all, stupidity and willful ignorance about all of this are worse than projected.

    It is Republicans, particularly those in the carbon fuels industries, who are out to stifle scientific investigation and even public discussion, not scientists. Scientists welcome challenges to theories based on real data and real alternative theories. But not pretended challenges based on pseudo-science that rises no higher than crank pursuit of perpetual-motion machines or Creation Science.

    It is Republicans who refuse to permit the use of correct terminology, such as "rising sea levels" and "anthropogenic global warming", in favor of "recurrent flooding" and "climate change". It is Republicans who pass laws forbidding the use of current data in evaluating the threat of rising sea levels caused by anthropogenic global warming. It is Republicans who reject all of the facts cited above, and insist that nitpicking the theories allows them to reject the theories, the models, and all of the facts.

    You have sipped the Kool-Aid. You know enough to be dangerous, but not enough to be helpful, and you are dangerous to yourself as well as to others.

    Hands off my ObamaCare[TM]

    by Mokurai on Mon Jul 16, 2012 at 09:49:45 AM PDT

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    •  Even the core consensus group will call you on (0+ / 0-)

      the errors here.  I'd go round up the links for both the accurate and false claims, but I know it won't help.  Stop repeating what you've been told and do the work yourself to avoid embarrassment.

      Republicans make all kinds of crazy statements about lots of subjects.  Get your facts straight and don't be like them.

      Where are we, now that we need us most?

      by Frank Knarf on Mon Jul 16, 2012 at 11:39:16 AM PDT

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