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    going back to the edge of prehistory are highly dependent on conspiracy theories. The Gods were conspiring. Our hereditary enemies were conspiring. The traitors in our midst were conspiring. Every single person who claimed the right to think for himself or herself was a conspiracy.

    The Bible is full of conspiracies against God, along with God urging the Israelites to genocidal mania. Jacob's sons conspired against Joseph. Saul believed David to be the head of a conspiracy. David's son Absalom did conspire against him. Haman conspired to kill all the Jews in Persia. The Maccabees rebelled against Syrian Greek rule, and there were two major Jewish rebellions against Rome. Judas Iscariot conspired with Jewish leaders and Romans to get Jesus executed.

    The iliad and Odyssey are full of conspiracies of Gods and Goddesses against each other and each other's human favorites, culminating in the conspiracy of Penelope's suitors, who would have killed Odysseus had they known his identity.

    In the Ring cycle, Wotan and Loge/Loki conspire against the Frost Giants, and then against the Nibelung Alberich. Siegfried dies from a conspiracy around a love potion to make him forget his plan to marry his aunt Brunnhilde. (I'm not making this up.)

    The Arthurian world comes apart due to the independent conspiracies of his son Mordred and Morgan le Fey, and his wife's affair with Lancelot.

    As far as one can tell, the only limiting factor on conspiracy theories in the human backstory was having enough language to put them over in.

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