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View Diary: Wake Up Call: If You Don't Get the Dangers of Surveillance Yet, Look at FDA (88 comments)

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    If the FDA was monitoring employees' email on company-owned equipment, then they are simply doing what EVERY employer of any size does. In fact, my employer monitors internal IMs and web postings as well as email. If I wanted to do whistle-blowing on my employer, I sure wouldn't do it on a company-provided device.


    If the FDA was monitoring private email accounts of its employees, it has crossed a giant line, and this story takes on a completely different type of significance.

    Note that I am NOT saying that whistle-blowers should be left to twist in the wind. They should absolutely be protected. I'm simply saying that the story doesn't make plain the context of the snooping, which is an important story in its own right.

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    by bmaples on Mon Jul 16, 2012 at 06:06:33 PM PDT

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