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    Type II Diabetes!  Basically curable through changes in diet.  And don't get me started on fish oil

    Vitamin D--go outside for twenty minutes a day at noon and don't wear sunscreen.

    Half the things Americans are medicated for can be cured or at least treated more effectively and safely using exercise, good nutrition and non-patentable nutritional supplements.  Going outside for a brisk walk in the sunshine every day works as well as antidepressants for moderate to mild depression.

    Also, Merkur makes great safety blades for 70 cents a blade plus shipping, a step up from the drugstore safety blades and not too pricey.

    The key thing for using a safety razor is getting a good lather.  Regular soap will do, also saving you a mint on shaving cream.  You just need to get a good shaving brush--will last for ten years.

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