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  •  yup, glycerin soap... but my guy just uses our (6+ / 0-)

    glycerin bathsoap bar. of course, he only shaves cheek areas around his beard about once a week, but has very sensitive skin.

    His shaving brush is one he got in his teens, so that's getting on for 40 years. Wooden handle he's had to oil a time or two, but it's effectively NEVER dropped a bristle. He doesn't remember, but probably boar-bristle.

    We just got a brush for the 19yo... well, several, because we've been having a heck of a time finding one that doesn't start shedding bristles almost immediately. Husband finally found one on-line, we think it was US made, and boar bristle, expensive (30 or 40$), but it seems to be holding together well, so worth it, if he gets the same type of life-time use out of it as his father has out of his.

    "real" work : a job where you wash your hands BEFORE you use the bathroom...

    by chimene on Mon Jul 16, 2012 at 04:50:26 PM PDT

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