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View Diary: 2002 Olympics #retroactively: In the Marriott, sleeping on a Sealy, Mattel mascots & Romney pins (27 comments)

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  •  Mitt's Olympic Scandal -- keep digging (3+ / 0-)

    Keep digging to find every link to Romney / Bain and the numerous questionable Olympic licenses for official Olympic products.  

    You have Marriot, Sealy, Mattel.  We need to know WHERE the Mattel stuffed animals were made and how much Romney / Bain gained in profit.  The same is true with Sealy mattresses and those UGLY ridiculous commemorative pins.  

    BTW -- Romney was named after the founder of Marriot hotels  -- J. Williard Marriot -- a friend of George Romney.  So Mitt's ties to Marriort started at birth.  

    Keep digging people!  Let's make sure Mitt is mired in questions about his handling of the Olympics in 2002 when he heads to London to watch his prancing horse.  

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