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View Diary: Wanda Sabir interviews law prof Angela A. Allen-Bell about the Angola 3 and solitary confinement (2 comments)

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  •  insanity of our prison policies is that prisons (1+ / 0-)
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    were meant to be places of penitence, reflection and realization of what effect crimes had upon victims.  Ironically, it is these prison reforms which slowly morphed into the current system (in the day, prisoners were forbidden to even talk and those who did, were punished with a version of the medieval "pear" with at least one documented case of a prisoner's jaw being ripped from his head)
    Generally today conventional wisdom is that crime is at least partially due to a lack of proper socialization.  To hold prisoners in solitary for decades at a time makes no sense if this is true.  As funds are cut for a burgeoning prison population, there is less and less counseling and rehab and a increasingly punitive environment.
    While we may imprison monsters, it seems our system works to perfect such monsters

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