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  •  Well... that pisses him off (5+ / 0-)
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    He hates Bush and Cheney -  thinks they should be arrested.

    He doesn't like where the Republican party is going, hates Citizens United, believes in Global warming, and hates voter suppression.

    He's also agnostic.

    He however loves Reagan.

    He thinks he's one of the only true Republicans left standing.

    He admires the Tea Party in many ways, but doesn't align himself with the tea party.

    He is all about the constitution.  Loves it.  In fact, he is a historian by profession.  Even as I write this, he is in his office right now pulling up primary documents on everything that led to the Declaration of Independence.

    But, he's also all about small business.  Not big business.  About small business.   He always says that Democrats are missing a huge opportunity.  They should set themselves apart by being the party of small business ( as in mom and pop businesses, and companies with under 100 employees ).

    Where we really part ways is that he feels that government is enabling people of taking personal responsibility, and that we are turning ourselves into a society where government will always take care of you, so that there is really no incentive to
    do anything.

    We do have a nephew who is the prime example of lazy and do-nothing, who just lives on food stamps and lives with relatives who take care of him.   He does make a point on that.

    But I then talk about how people at Walmart who work full time, still can't make a livable wage and require food stamps, because of corporate welfare.

    And so our debate goes...

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